Dog Bone Portfolio Club - 3 Month Trial Membership at $150 (CDN)

Dog Bone Portfolio Club - 3 Month Trial Membership at $150 (CDN)

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Welcome to the Dog Bone Portfolio Club

I am pleased to introduce you to my new virtual investor’s group dubbed the Dog Bone Portfolio Club (DBPC) that has been in beta testing mode for the last few months and is described in detail below. The DBPC is made up of informed investors who meet twice a week via a secure Zoom connection to explore market news, trends and investment ideas along with regular presentations by visiting experts. There is a one-time Membership Initiation Fee of $750 (CDN) and Annual Membership Dues of $300 (CDN), but for those of you who want to ‘kick the tires’, please take advantage of my introductory 3 Month Trial Membership at $150 (CDN). If you find your experience useful and wish to become a full DBPC Member, your $150 (CDN) introductory 3 Month Membership Fee will be put towards your one-time $750 (CDN) Membership Initiation Fee. Please call me at (613) 789-1840, if you would like more information on this exciting new forum and I hope that you will join us.

John Budden

Just one timely macro warning or one good ‘outside the box’ investment idea will justify your membership in our virtual Dog Bone Portfolio Club (DBPC).

I’m John Budden and I have more than 50 years of diverse, domestic and international investment experience. I am fortunate to have met some very interesting and clever investors along the way. Recently, a number of old, new and younger friends have asked me to create a cyber forum for discussion and the exchange of investment ideas and strategies and, to that end, we have launched the virtual Dog Bone Portfolio Club. In October 2009, I attended the Contrary Opinion Forum in Vergennes, Vermont, having been invited by Dean LeBaron to portray Russian Economist Nikolai Kondratieff on a panel moderated by Kate Welling and featuring Dean, Walter Deemer and Mark Ungewitter. Subsequently, I was asked by Margret Kopala to contribute to her book The Dog Bone Portfolio that provides an in-depth and fascinating analysis of how Kondratieff's long-wave theory is playing out today.

The term ‘Dog Bone Portfolio’ was coined by Dean LeBaron. He suggests that we should learn from clever neighbourhood dogs that never bury all their precious bones in one dog bone hole. Dean believes that investors should bury their investment bones in safe places around the world, with considerable due diligence devoted to the countries, designated custodial institutions and the form in which the assets are held. During my career, I have had the good fortune to work with, and interview some very astute investors. A common characteristic seems to be that we all have an ongoing fascination with the evolution of markets and a constant need for good intelligence. The Dog Bone Portfolio Club addresses this need by providing a secure and private venue, a Virtual Club House, where enquiring minds can meet regularly and exchange investment ideas and strategies.

Over the summer, I polled friends around the world about the idea of creating a virtual investment club tailored to family offices, institutions, experienced investment professionals and high net worth investors. The response was overwhelmingly positive. To that end the Dog Bone Portfolio Club was born. 

Our virtual club has its benefits: No travel is necessary and there is no dress code. The only requirements are civility, natural intelligence, common sense, innate curiosity and, of course, a sense of humour. All you need is a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, smartphone or old-fashioned telephone.

As the Internet is our medium, security is vital. After considerable research, I have chosen Zoom: 'Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions' as the doorway to our virtual clubhouse. My Zoom Business License provides end-to-end 256-bit encryption, and HIPAA compliance that adds an additional layer of security. A Basic Zoom Meeting Account is Free. I will assist Dog Bone Portfolio Club members with the set-up of their Basic Zoom Meeting Account.

Dog Bone Portfolio Club Guidelines: 
  • Members may remain anonymous, identified by initials (or other), and have the option of turning audio and/or video off;
  • Meetings and presentations will only be recorded with the unanimous permission of all participating members;
  • Respect for the privacy of fellow club members is mandatory;
  • Email addresses are absolutely private and will never be disclosed.
Dog Bone Portfolio Club Membership will include:
  • A secure and clear ZOOM connection to your DBPC Virtual Club House;
  • Encrypted end-to-end Instant Messaging;
  • Interviews with renowned investors;
  • One-Way Mirror to under-the-radar investment manager presentations;
  • Opportunities for private meetings with other members in the Bar Maritime;
  • A complimentary electronic copy of The Dog Bone Portfolio by Margret Kopala and John Budden.
The criteria for membership in the Dog Bone Portfolio Club are simple: Individuals whom I know and trust, or whom members sponsor properly, and naturally who add value in terms of their knowledge and experience. 

Initiation Fee and Annual Dues: 

The initiation fee is $750.00 CDN and covers the development and set-up of the Dog Bone Portfolio Club. Annual membership dues are $300.00 CDN and include Zoom's end-to-end 256-bit encryption and HIPAA compliance that adds a vital additional layer of security.
Administration and payment: by Shopify -
After more than 50 years in the investment business, and the last 15 years as a broadcaster on CHUM / Bell Media’s 580 CFRA, I am up to the challenge of acting as the moderator of our club’s online meetings and presentations via Zoom. 
I provide DBPC members with a daily ‘News and Agenda’ email outlining meeting topics, upcoming events and presentations. Of course, a lot of useful information is exchanged in our lively Dog Bone Portfolio Club gatherings. 

If this makes sense for you, please join us. This is a first and a work in progress. So we must be pioneers, have fun, and above all win the battle for investment survival. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and to answering your questions. 

Best JB

John Budden

I can be reached via: 
Zoom or (613) 789-1840 or Email: